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Every spring, with the very earliest warmth, my neighbor’s majestic Japanese Magnolia tree blooms. Its flowers only last for a week. Less if it rains. Many of the “villagers” in our neighborhood pull over on their way to and fro to take pictures.


For me these short-blooming flowers represent everything that is exquisite and fragile about seasons and beauty. They are a symbol of the HOPE that Spring comes again. It reminds me that bliss is delicate and effervescent, but there is always more ahead.


  • 12x12” original painting (13.5”x13.5” with frame)
  • Frame is black with an “illusion edge”
  • This series of four original paintings hang perfectly solo, in pairs, or in groups. Collector’s choice!!

Hope Blossoms, 2 of 4 - Japanese Magnolia

SKU: 2 of 4
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